Where's the Love?

After breaking with Rock Ridge, Love.45 is back to basics.

He's right: With the success that Nickelback has had in the past year and with the emergence of bands like Hinder, the climate is even more conducive for a band like Love.45 than it was back then. And if the act's new disc, the noticeably edgier A Demo Diary, is any indication, the group still has plenty of fight left in it.

"We're going to be there swinging until we get knocked out," Elster says. "And I don't think that will be any time soon. I'm just not at a point emotionally or spiritually or anything to just give up like that. We didn't come this far to quit because something didn't work out. If that were the case, there would be no Nickelback. There wouldn't be a lot of bands."

For some folks -- the same ones who consider Love.45 and their ilk to be a bunch of candyasses -- that wouldn't be a bad thing. "But there's four million people who don't feel that way," Elster says, then laughs. "A lot of people hate Nickelback. There's just four million people who love them."

And that's enough love for Love.45.

Upbeats and beatdowns: Big ups to Prayata, Hot IQs, the Photo Atlas and the Swayback, bands that all made the trek to NYC last week for CMJ's Music Marathon. On the way there, the Swayback, which just released its four-song Forewarned EP, rode the airwaves at Chicago's WLUW for several hours. "They let us raid their CD stacks and play whatever we wanted while sipping whiskey from a flask," reports frontman Eric Halborg. Nice work, gents.

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