Letters to the Editor

From the week of 11/30/06

Instead of baking your own pie, you wetbacks just can't wait to slice and eat a piece of ours. Put on some Los Tigres del Norte on your side of the fence and see if you can't create your own great civilization. Since building moves your soul so much, you should be able to get a lot done -- instead of gleaning from my world.
Connie Page

"Lady Libertarians," Off Limits, November 9

Politics as Unusual

I was eating at a local Chipotle and enjoying a Westword when the "Lady Libertarians" item in Off Limits caught my interest, particularly this sentence with respect to Dawn Winkler: "What with stocking their desert compounds with firearms, who knew Libertarians had enough time to screw around on MySpace?" I understand that the editorial staff at Westword leans toward socialism, as probably do most of the readers; socialism is what's currently popular. But I would like to remind everyone what Libertarians fight for.

A Libertarian fights for a country that has a limited government that cannot impose its will upon the citizens the government is supposed to represent. A country whose government recognizes that adults are people capable of making the best decisions for themselves, by themselves. (I am sure there are people willing to help adults who have trouble making these types of decisions.) A country that does not need a government telling adults what to do and how to do it. A country that allows individuals to decide for themselves what is morally right and wrong.

Thanks, Westword, for offering an intelligent alternative.
Zach Fross

I'm not a big Westword fan, but it does have a certain entertainment value, and the price is right. I'm assuming that since November 7, the Westword staff has been in full-party mode, and I guess that's to be expected. Every dog has its day, and even CU wins occasionally -- so for what it's worth, congratulations.

But when all the crack pipes have been put away and all the empty wine bottles picked up and the uneaten brie put back in the fridge, will Westword be examining some of the lesser-covered aspects of the last election?

For example, the rejection of the so-called gay rights initiatives. In the past, mean, nasty Republicans have always been blamed when ballot initiatives involving gay rights failed. But in an election where Democrats were swept into office statewide, it would be difficult to believe that same old tired jive. And how do gays feel about their "friends" partying like it's 1999, while they've come up as the election's biggest losers?

And what about Bill Ritter, our newly elected, pro-life Democrat governor? How does the Colorado pro-choice crowd feel about being irrelevant? Do they feel abandoned by the Democrats? Has Emily's List become Emily's Pissed? Did they sit out the election, or did they vote for Mr. Ritter, like good little girls? Were they secretly rooting for Mr. Beauprez?

Will Westword be looking at these things, or does Westword only do political stories that fit the blame-it-all-on-Republicans template?
Don Lopez

"Horror Show," Off Limits, November 16

Dawn of the Dead

Just to let you know, Red Dawn was filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico, not in Colorado. In fact, Patrick Swayze still lives there, in a home he bought with his pay from the movie.
Michael Goodner

Drunk of the Week, Patrick Osborn, November 2

Fondue and Fondont's

I thought that Patrick Osborn's article on the Melting Pot was hilarious! He is such a funny writer. No other writer can make me laugh out loud like he can!
Simone Hicks

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