Oh, what a relief it is.

You don’t have to agree with its politics to applaud the audacity of this show and enjoy its alternately ironic and rollicking humor, however. Particularly enjoyable is the duo of Geoffrey Kent, whose Officer Lockstock combines stiff-necked authoritativeness with gyrating physical looseness, and the very talented Genevieve Baer as Little Sally, resisting the temptation to parody a part that’s pure parody in itself. Zander Meisner is a strong Bobby, Michelle Merz reveals a fine voice and a lot of poise as Hope, and Jessica Gisin-Mosley’s Penelope Pennywise unleashes a surprisingly flowing soprano.

Michelle Merz and Zander Meisner shine in Urinetown.
Michael Ensminger
Michelle Merz and Zander Meisner shine in Urinetown.


Presented by Score Marketing through December 17, 303-274-1325, www.urinetowndenver.org.
Wastewater Management Building, 2000 West Third Avenue

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And there’s no need to fear intermission: Although Wiley has provided porta-potties for atmosphere, you don’t have to use them, and you also won’t find very long lines at the restroom.

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