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Shut up, already, and listen to this lesson in concert etiquette.

And that's just the headliner news. In addition to those acts, there will be sixty local artists featured on ten stages across the Golden Triangle. Each year, the event just gets better -- and the process leading up to it keeps improving, too. Based on past feedback, we're making revisions to the Showcase ballot categories, adding entirely new genres, combining some and splitting up others. The official list of artists selected to appear on the ballot will be published in the May 10 issue. And right now, we're starting to put that ballot together.

The biggest question we get every year: How do you determine which acts get chosen? The answer is simple. You can't buy or blow your way onto the Showcase. It's not about who you know, but rather who knows you. For artists to be serious contenders, they need to be out there all year giggin', making a name for themselves and impressing any committee members within earshot. If they've turned enough heads, they'll get the nod. That's it. Plain and simple, no secret handshakes.

And it's no secret who's on our nominating committee, which right now comprises more than a hundred people from all facets of the scene, including writers, club owners, booking agents, promoters, producers, sound men, radio personalities, past nominees, fellow artists. And maybe you. We still have room on the readers' panel for a select number of fans; if you'd like to be considered, drop me a line at the e-mail address listed below. Each committee member is asked to nominate up to five separate artists in 22 categories; we then tally all the nominations, assemble the ballot and bring it to our readers for a vote.

But the vote's already in on the June 16 Showcase: It looks like a winner.

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