Clowning Around

ICP makes sure the Juggalos get their Fillmore.

Upbeats and beatdowns: Can I get a moment of silence for the passing of Drag the River? (My boy Whitey says he hasn't been this bummed since David Lee Roth left Van Halen, and I'm a little verklempt myself, so talk among yourselves.) Back in late March, when we were still trying to make sense of the fact that Spacey Casey wasn't with the band anymore, we caught wind that Jon Snodgrass had left the tour when Drag was on the road with Rocky Votolato. So many of us had feared this day would come, and now it has: Drag is no more. Snodgrass reports that he and Chad Price are still on good terms, Dave Barker has joined Votolato's band, and a fall Armchair Martian tour is on tap to commemorate the release of the Good Guys, Bad Band retrospective and Who Wants to Play Bass re-release on Suburban Home/Mars Motors.

Juggalos get their Fillmore.
Juggalos get their Fillmore.

Drag broke up as we were finalizing the Westword Music Showcase ballot (see page 62), which includes 119 more local acts that are alive and kicking (as well as the chance to write in more). Thanks to the input of over a hundred music enthusiasts, this is the best ballot yet -- just as the Showcase on June 16 promises to be. Seriously. The thing is stacked, Jack. Now it's up to you to vote for your faves, and we don't envy you that task. For instance, deciding between Vaux and Planes is like trying to choose which leg you could do without.

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