Last Call for Ladiesí Nights?

If Steve Horner gets his way, ladies could be singing the booze.

The CRA is a trade association, not a governmental entity, and a resolution is not a law. Meersman's group doesn't yet have an official position, he says, "but the CRA wants to protect the rights of business owners to make business decisions that are based on customer demand."

Back in Minnesota, Horner got his first big publicity break when the state restaurant association wrote a piece about his campaign. "It ignited like a prairie fire on a hot afternoon," he remembers. "The more vengeful people got, the deeper I dug my heels in. It made me stronger."

If not downright wacked. "Patriotism is all about what you're going to do for defense of your rights and your liberty," he concludes. "It's not about what someone else is going to do."

See you in court.

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