Vaux Calls It a Day

Lamenting the passing of one of Denverís great bands.

Somebody please tell me this is a dream sequence. First Drag the River, and now Vaux! I'm truly heartbroken. Vaux is one of my all-time favorite local bands, and I still contend that it's one of the best bands in the country. While all of its members are bound to resurface — Sorensen and Daniels are already working on a new project, and Tymn will likely focus on his project RideTheBoogie — they're going to have a helluva lot to live up to. Vaux is a tough act to follow.

Years from now, I'm confident that Vaux's renown will reach storied proportions, much like that of Sunny Day Real Estate, Christie Front Drive (reportedly reuniting, BTW, for a special one-off performance on Saturday, September 1, at Denver Fest) or Mineral. With some time and distance, folks will realize just how important this band was and how its heady, sophisticated music was among the best being made. And past shows will become legend for those who never had the privilege of witnessing them.

Thankfully, I was fortunate to catch Vaux in its prime on countless occasions. So I'll always have the memories — like that time the guys leveled a tiny patio at SXSW a few years ago, when the stage was so small it couldn't contain all the band's members. But then, no stage seemed quite big enough to capture Vaux's explosive live show. This band was larger than life.

Upbeats and beatdowns: I caught the Heyday this past Saturday at the Marquis Theater, and by God, what a difference six months makes. Back in January, I asserted that once the guys' live show caught up with their songwriting, they would be unstoppable. Well, it has and they are. This band is now the picture of poise, and it draws the most boisterous fans this side of 3Oh!3. Frontman Randy Ramirez urged the throng to sing along during "One Foot Out the Door" — but they already were. And so will everyone else when the Heyday releases its Christopher Jak-produced debut (recorded by Andrew Berlin at the Blasting Room) this fall.

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