Looking Up

The Center for Visual Artís installation show is a force of cool in LoDo.

Denver artist Patrick Marold completes the quartet of cutting-edge talent with an unbelievably ambitious piece, "Arcweight," which took him two weeks to install. Using fine steel cables, Marold filled the three connecting galleries on the northwest side of the CVA, creating the suggestion of a series of enormous inverted arching forms. I say "suggestion" because the forms are merely outlined by the cables, and their mass is nothing other than the empty rooms. The specific curving shapes are created as a result of the effect of gravity as it pulls down on the cables. The cables are attached to the ceiling at each of their ends so that they gracefully — and symmetrically — flow in an arc toward the floor.

Marold has only been exhibiting his work in Colorado for the past few years, even though he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in industrial design nearly ten years ago. Between his academic career and his emergence as one of the most original and exciting sculptors in the region, he served as a production assistant to New Mexico architect Charles Ross and worked as a set-design intern at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

His background in industrial design, set design and architecture really shows up in his work: "Arcweight" has an industrial character because of its steel cables; there's a sense of its being a set that viewers act in and around; and the inverted arcs, which inevitably reference defined spaces, bring in the field of architecture. Let's not leave out engineering, either, because Marold always plays with physics; in this case it's gravity, but at other times it's light and wind.

"Arcweight," by Patrick Marold, steel wire and hardware.
"Arcweight," by Patrick Marold, steel wire and hardware.
"Fresh," by Jennifer Ghormley, organza and thread.
"Fresh," by Jennifer Ghormley, organza and thread.


Through July 21, Center for Visual Art, 1734 Wazee Street, 303-294-5207.

For a complete slide show of the exhibit, click here.

It was unbelievably hot the afternoon I went to see Looking Up at the CVA, but somehow all that airy work, hovering above the ground, seemed to cool me off. Well, that and the marvelous central air conditioning.

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