Letters to the Editor

From the week of 8/2/2007

Knowing him as I do, I am not surprised that he is going all out to protect his clients.
Tena Whitlock-Burke

Is the saying "Let's kill all the lawyers," or "Let's bill all the lawyers"? Great story about a disgusting bunch of humans.
Jerry Vigil

"Friends With Benefits," Ella Taylor, July 19

Nothing Funny

Regarding your review of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry:

Yeah, I just find it a laugh riot that if my partner of a decade were to get struck by a bus, I'd have none of the rights afforded a man who'd married a Colfax hooker the night before. Gay marriage is a real scream, ain't it?
David Maddux

"Dark Arts," Scott Foundas, July 12

Fowles Bawl

I'm an academic/scholar/critic of John Fowles, so I was intrigued by Scott Foundas's description of "the odd touches of Fowles-ian homoeroticism between Harry and the jilted Ron Weasley" in his review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. How is homoeroticism in some way characteristic of Fowles? I don't recall any gay characters or even any sexual tension among males in his fiction, nor do I recall that he ever commented on homosexuality. What am I missing? Or did he just mean by Fowles-ian that they're in an extreme situation? Or something else? I'd be grateful to know what he had in mind.
James Aubrey

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