Letters to the Editor

From the week of 8/16/2007

What I wish for today is that we know in our hearts that a part of everyone who is sexually abused dies; their innocence dies, their trust dies, their sense of safety dies. They will never be the same again, and the people who love them will never be the same. We want to wake up in the morning and feel that all is right with our world, and that's okay. The sex offender is betting on our not believing the offended.

How long are we going to sacrifice our friends because we to refuse to admit/believe that he will re-offend again and again for as long as he's in the community — even after the sex offender continues to re-offend over a period of years? Shame on us if after knowing all that we know we do nothing different.
Name withheld on request

Does it not speak volumes that a person must hide behind an assumed identity while espousing open communication?

Angela is a professional dance teacher who could have professional and financial interests in running the Tango House out of business. As for the other women who had negative interactions with Chas Gale, I cannot deny their reality — but I do wonder if they, too, might not step up to the plate and take responsibility for their own actions or inactions. If there have been no complaints about Chas in five years and at least some of the women continue to dance with him to this day as well as support the Tango House, then does not some personal responsibility lie with the women? If you are made uncomfortable by a man's behavior, then perhaps you should not dance with him. It might be that simple.

It is amazing to me that our small tango world is a source of discussion for outsiders at all. In any other community, this would not be an issue. In every charge of alleged abuse, we are not speaking of children or teenagers, but rather of mature women who should be taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. The world and the Tango Colorado community cannot offer anyone any guarantees for a safe environment at Tango Colorado events or at those sponsored by "approved" teachers. The Argentine tango world is no different than the world at large; the buyer must beware.
Judith Farkas de Zelaya

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