Full Confession

How do you amuse trivia fans? Thereís no easy answer.

"What else am I going to do?" Esposito queries to no one in particular. "Go home and watch more Smallville?"

We're asked five questions, and once Dicker has tallied the final scores, the Slump Busters win again. By one point. You can feel everyone in the bar sighing. Dicker comes over and snaps a photo of the victorious team to post on tomorrow's blog. As the place empties, I give back my Sugar Pants jersey and feel reborn, like a snake shedding his old skin.

I ask Esposito where they got the name Slump Busters. He explains that back in the day, when he was in the middle of a lengthy, ugly slump, then-Chicago Cub Mark Grace was giving a particularly irreverent interview. Asked how he'd break out of his slump, he said he'd go to a bar and take home the fattest, ugliest woman he could find: a slumpbuster. A couple of weeks later, after Grace had turned things around, the same interviewer asked how he'd done it. Grace just looked at him and smiled.

Fucking Meatheads.

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