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Make room on the Amy Winehouse bandwagon.

The muse for those songs — the person who seizes Winehouse's guts and floors her with dread — is presumably one Mr. Fielder-Civil, who accompanied her to last week's Mercury Prize awards ceremony. For what it's worth, Winehouse cleaned up rather nicely for that event and sounded great (check out her performance on YouTube; search Amy Winehouse and Mercury). So who knows? Maybe my premonition won't come true. Maybe rehab is for quitters, and the couple will go on to live happily ever after instead of fading to black.

Only one thing here is certain: If my Winehouse addiction doesn't subside pretty soon, my friends are going to have to stage an intervention of their own.

Amy Winehouse lets the tears dry on their own.
Mishca Richter
Amy Winehouse lets the tears dry on their own.

Upbeats and beatdowns: Sincere heartfelt condolences go out to El Chapultapec's Jerry Krantz and his family, who, earlier this week, lost their son and brother Tony. No word yet on the cause of death or when services will be held; that news will be posted on the Backbeat Online blog (http://blogs.westword. com/backbeat) as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, keep the first family of Denver jazz in your thoughts and prayers.

On a far less heavy note, props to Thank God for Astronauts — yet another Needlepoint artist to chart on CMJ. Last week, Bring Us Meat, the act's latest effort, was the eleventh most-added, and this week the band entered the CMJ Top 200 chart at #118. And, fingers crossed, the outlook is good for further ascent: There are far fewer high-profile releases now than there were this past spring, when Cat-A-Tac's Past Lies and Former Lives peaked at #42 on the exact same chart. Keep your eye on our blog for updates on the band's progress.

And while on the Westword website, look for extended Q&As with both the Flaming Lips and the Arcade Fire, overnight reviews and pics from this week's Devendra Banhart, Rilo Kiley and Bright Eyes shows, as well as exclusive, web-only conversations with both the Used and Josh Rouse. And early next week, be sure to log on for our complete coverage of this weekend's hotly anticipated Monolith Festival at Red Rocks.

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