Michael “Heckuva Job” Brown Knows Disaster

The former FEMA head revisits his worst mistake and talks about the disaster that is the What If? Colorado campaign.

She won't reveal what seven disasters the finalists will face while they're living in the What If? Colorado house — say, pretend you're stuck at DIA in a snowstorm for three days, or pretend that the city hasn't plowed the streets and you can't leave your house, or you discover that the B&B is actually suffering from a critical shortage of marmalade for the morning muffins — nor how the final judging will be done. But a production company will be there to film the action, as will several television crews from stations across the state, and so Coloradans will be able to follow the fake crisis on the web for months to come. Without any color commentary from Brownie, unfortunately.

And you thought The Real World: Denver was the biggest TV disaster to hit this town.

As if!

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