Bobby Seale: The Eighth Man

Black Panther-turned-barbecue master Bobby Seale talks about what's worth re-creating from the 1968 DNC.

They say they don't.

Well, you've got anarchist groups. They may be in the coalition. They may want to do some dumb shit. If groups go out there and provoke something, then they're wrong, I say. But what you've really got to watch out for is if the cities and police are instituting policies that go against constitutional rights of free speech and assembly as a way to silence protesters. That's where it's going to come from these days.

Speaking of these days, what are you up to?

Bobby Seale circa '68.
Bobby Seale circa '68.

I'm trying to raise money for youth job projects here in Oakland. I wrote a barbecue cookbook for that purpose in Philadelphia. As a young man, I was very lucky to grow up getting trained in mathematics and engineering. But I also happen to know how to cook barbecue. If I could get a cooking show off the ground, a television series, my objective is to sell a few million books. Then I could get a few million dollars into this non-profit entity that could promote ten million youth jobs as it relates to the environment. That's how we cut down on crime better than some war-on-drugs bullshit.

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