Heady Metal

With On High, Chris Fogal is shredding again with a vengeance.

And even if On High — the act's working title of Throne was changed to avoid confusion with similarly monikered acts, and yes, Fogal's already aware of the On High/High on Fire link — doesn't go far, it's already reignited Fogal's creative fire. "I'm actually looking forward to doing other stuff, too, besides this band, which I'm obviously excited about," he confides. "This band has definitely helped get me active again."

Horns to that, bro.

Upbeats and beatdowns: At the Soiled Dove on Friday, November 16, Firefall will unveil its latest platter, an acoustic homage to the Beatles titled Colorado to Liverpool. I have zero interest in hearing anybody taking on the songs of the Fab Four — that's hallowed ground as far as I'm concerned — so I don't see this album getting many more spins from me. Still, Jock Bartley and Steven Weinmeister do a fine job of paying tribute with their crisp vocals and harmonies (especially on cuts like "You're Gonna Lose That Girl" and "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party") and respectfully avoid coloring too much outside the lines. Elsewhere that same night, Random Hero, an act I was turned on to by KBPI's recent best-band contest, stops by the Gothic Theatre, where it will share a bill with Life in Electric, the Crimson Red (featuring ex-members of Ion and Adam's Ruin, last year's best-band winner), Glyphic and Falling Untrue.

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