Always in Vogue

Ronnie Crawford is an All American original.

Ronnie's conversation, like his customers, spans decades. He overflows with stories about Broadway. About how Eisenhower used to take his waders to a cobbler just up the street when Ike was president and Denver was the summer White House. About how, when Rudely was barely scraping by, he'd scrounge up five bucks a month to help support Pirate, the arts cooperative. About how the amazingly trendy Goodwill store that opened across the street this fall was once a JC Penney. About how the mayor recently took a delegation of Democrats over to the Skylark, and Ronnie got to explain to John Hickenlooper the anti-Bush initials "FGWB" on the marquee. About the legendary rockabilly parties, and Russell. About fads come and gone, friends old and new.

Sure, it's sad, but when you specialize in peddling the past, the end of an era just signals the start of a new one.

Ronnie Crawford is an All American original.
Sean cronin
Ronnie Crawford is an All American original.

Take a look at what's got to go in the last days of All American Vogue with this slide show.

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