What does Colorado taste like to you? Concrete? Or a big plate of Rocky Mountain oysters, dusted in daisies?

Colorado restaurants have done their bit to promote an updated image, too. In March, an impressive lineup of Denver chefs was featured at the James Beard House, the culinary equivalent of bagging a 14er, and another group will be there in May, to show just how far Colorado has gone beyond Rocky Mountain oysters. Except on its state-subsidized website, of course. The one that serves as an introduction to Colorado for all the people thinking about coming here, all the people who will be arriving in August.

Most of them will be coming through Denver International Airport, where Colorado: See the New West Like a Local just opened. The exhibit features artistic interpretations of written statements that Coloradans sent in response to this question: "What does Colorado Look Like to You?" So rather than leave Colorado's culinary contributions hanging like a dangling participle or a sac of bovine testicles, I'm nipping this problem in the bud by asking for responses to this question: "What does Colorado Taste Like to You?" Your answer could be a bowl of green chile at your favorite Mexican joint, a pan-seared trout by a mountain lake — or the taste of crow after visiting

Send answers to me at, or simply post them as comments to this column at

The ball's in your court, Colorado.

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