Juggalos Band Together at Primos

Meet the Insane fans who united Denver's hatchet-wielding, Faygo-loving family.

"Fam — il — y!"

"Fam — il — y!"

Near the end of the ten-hour GoreFest, Scum finally took the stage for his own set. "You motherfuckers ready for some sick shit?" he yelled.

Kiki Rodriguez, "Flava" Arellano and Ken Abrahamson are the posse behind Primos.
Anthony Camera
Kiki Rodriguez, "Flava" Arellano and Ken Abrahamson are the posse behind Primos.
Kiki displays some of Primos's Faygo, a juggalo's favorite beverage.
Anthony Camera
Kiki displays some of Primos's Faygo, a juggalo's favorite beverage.

Some captured alive, and though none will survive, I strive for my meats to stay juicy.

So slice after slice I dissect them like mice, their wounds stuffed with tampons like pussy.

Alive they'll remain, going insane from the pain, that's why some would call me sadistic.

Don't fuck them 'cause it's rude, to be puttin' a dick up in your food, my urges are straight cannibalistic.

Increased murder rate, when I come to your state, that must be the fate

You deserved

Don't cry, it's too late, when your guts on a plate are about to get ate.

Dinner's served!

Bloody body on a meat hook, bloody body in the fridge, bloody body in the river, floating underneath the bridge.

'Cause that body got to rotting, reeking like a roadkill skunk, those that decompose disposed of, no one likes dead body funk.

Got to eat them freshly murdered, got to eat them while they fresh, love the taste of bloody tender, gooey, chewy, human flesh.

After all the rhymes about dead bodies, crushed bones and cannibalism, Scum said he wanted to dedicate the show to his fallen brother, Sevill. As he rapped "The Good Die Young," which he wrote for him, kids stopped moshing and pulled out their lighters. They stood still, with flames raised, through the entire song.

Then Scum introduced his "personal mentor," Insane Poetry, a group out of L.A. Although this was the night's headliner, a lot of the kids started clearing out; they'd come to see Scum. So Scum jumped to the floor and restarted the mosh pit to keep the crowd.

When Scum finally returned to the stage, Insane Poetry's Cyco said he had a surprise. It was Scum's birthday, and his friends were going to say a few words. Qrem came up and said that Scum was his mentor, his engineer, that he owes it all to him. McFly said that he started out as a fan and Scum took him in as a brother. Flava — who has tattoos across his neck that read "SK, I miss your mommy," for Franky's mom, and "LSP, I miss your brother," for Sevill — said they'd been through a lot together, made a lot of mistakes together, but had come through as family.

A blushing Scum thanked them all. "All of you who stayed the whole fucking night, you're the ones that keep the scene alive," he said. "If we keep up, we're going to take over Colorado."

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