Hatchet Job

You can buy ICP shirts at Colorado Mills – just don’t wear one there.

Because society does judge juggalos, especially when the Insane Clown Posse name is connected to a crime — Linda Damm's 2007 murder in Lafayette, for example. Linda Damm was stabbed eighteen times in the next by Bryan Grove, the boyfriend of her daughter, Tess. Both Bryan and Tess were juggalos, and Tess had posted photos and lyrics of ICP on her MySpace page. They both pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Bryan was sentenced to forty years, and last week, sixteen-year-old Tess was sentenced to 23. Also last year, eighteen-year-old Brodie Clayton — a juggalo with ICP and Hatchetman tattoos — was charged in the stabbing murder of a seventeen-year-old boy in Weld County. Days before, Brodie had been accused of assaulting two girls, calling himself the Grim Reaper and cutting the neck of one with a butcher knife.

True juggalos wouldn't do anything like that, says Tasha, the owner of Big Tops, a store that sells juggalo clothes and music and Faygo where Tania is a regular customer. But because a few bad apples give the whole scene a bad name, Tasha doesn't want her last name used and doesn't advertise her store. She's worried about graffiti and vandalism — by people who hate on juggalos, and also by kids in the scene who think being a juggalo is about mayhem and destruction when it's not.

Tania drives a car with juggalo and Hatchetman stickers on the side, and says she was pulled over twice by Arvada police in the span of a few days. The car was searched, she says, and "my fiancé and his father had to stand facing the car, with their hands behind their back." The Arvada police told her it was because they couldn't see her temp tag, but she thinks she was a victim of profiling. She filed a complaint, but never heard back from the Arvada Police Department.

Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are the Insane Clown Posse.
Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are the Insane Clown Posse.

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Colorado Mills

14500 W. Colfax Ave.
Golden, CO 80401

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"We are aware that some of their members have a potential for violence, but we don't classify them as a gang," says Arvada police spokeswoman Susan Medina. "We have not seen a lot of the violence." But the Arvada police have seen a lot of the juggalo clothes and insignias, she adds.

This weekend, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office will be charged with keeping the peace when the juggalos head to Red Rocks for the Hatchet Attacks! ICP show. "Some of the history we've seen with their concerts, there's often a wide range of violent acts, drug use and an anti-government, anti-establishment kind of vibe, for lack of a better term," says Jeffco public-information officer Jacki Kelley. Her department, as well as law-enforcement units in Denver and Morrison, is well aware that the juggalos are coming, she says, and will be ready.

Tania will be one of those juggalos. Driving home from Big Tops with her three daughters in the back seat, she starts a sing-along. "Who's goin' chicken huntin'?" she calls to the girls, ages twelve, eleven and nine.

"We's goin' chicken huntin'!" they yell back.

"Cut a motherfucking chicken up, right!"

The girls pause — they know better than to say the "fuck" part of the chorus. So Mom says it for them, and then they all move into the second verse of the Insane Clown Posse anthem.

Chopping up Hilly and Billy Bob Billy

Cuz I chop motherfucking redneck silly

Peeked in his yard and what did I see

I seen a chicken boy fucking a sheep

I say "Mister Mister, what the fuck you trying to do."

Ah, Billy Billy Boo

Barrels in your mouth, bullets to your head

The back of your neck's all over the shed

Boomshacka boom chop chop bang.

It's just a silly song, says Tania. "We really are nice people."

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