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Nothing is set in stone, even on the landmarked Stoneman's Row. And the rest could be history.

But on Monday, I got an e-mail from Highland United Neighborhood Inc. saying that DPS was considering selling several additional school buildings, including the one housing CLA. "DPS has asked that we share our thoughts as to the highest and best use for redevelopment/reuse possibilities of the site," the note said, inviting residents to a meeting Tuesday night, when this issue of Westword would be on the press. But the best use could still be a school, and in fact, DPS has promised that CLA will stay put for at least a year. "This school is a draw from across the city," says councilwoman Judy Montero, who represents the area. "Where else could you educate youth who come from all over?"

Unlike the bungalow on Umatilla, the school building has no historic significance of any kind. Under Platte River Valley zoning, it could be replaced with a building of up to six stories. With DPS in a tight financial bind, you can understand why it would want to explore what it could get for such a valuable parcel, and share the wealth of that view — and in fact, it's slated to discuss the possibilities on Thursday with the Urban Land Institute, which just completed a study of the 16th Street Mall, the one created by an occupant of 2745 Umatilla.

But then, they don't teach much history in school these days.

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