Best or Bust!

Native Americans thought the camera stole their spirit. But sometimes it just takes your story.

A two-headed calf and two degrees of separation.
A two-headed calf and two degrees of separation.

• Confluence Park. Denver got its start here, at the confluence of the South Platte and Cherry Creek, where fortune hunters set up two rival settlements back in 1858. But all that glittered was not gold; when Mark Twain came to Colorado, he labeled the Platte a yellow, "melancholy stream." A century later, the Greenway Foundation finally led the way to a cleanup of the river, and today a trail stretches both up and down the Platte, past the ghost of an old amusement park and the relatively new Elitch Gardens, where the media will be partying next month at the DNC, with another path taking off along Cherry Creek. But it's at the confluence that you get as close as Denver comes to a beach, with kids and pets wading in the water, picnickers stretching out in the parks, kayakers testing out their equipment from REI, and drinkers making quick trips over to My Brother's Bar, the oldest continually operating bar in Denver — and one that has the Buckhorn beat by at least two decades.

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