He and a buddy got the typical razzing from the Rapids diehards that any away fans would get and enjoyed the environment. Then they headed for their seats in section 135 and asked those around them if they minded if they stood. Later, when Steven Lenhart, received the red-card in the 43rd minute, Kelly and his buddy began chanting, "Bullshit" as they do at Crew games.

"Shortly after, ten police officers, four event staff security guards and a man in a suit and a woman nicely dressed approached us, took us from our section, took all my information down and ripped my ticket up," he wrote.

Kelly said the officials insisted that he and his friend had been warned multiple times about their language. He also said in a follow-up letter that they had apologized about twenty times and protested that they hadn't been warned.

"She then told me to calm down because they didn't want another West Ham incident. I could only laugh," he said.

"So thank you, Colorado Rapids, for making me waste $200 on gas, $300 on hotels, not to mention food and our tickets, all so I could watch the game from a bar across the street from your stadium," Kelly concluded. "Again, my issue is not with you fans but your front office. I will never return to your stadium, which is a shame, because I was having a great time up until that point."

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