Just across Speer is a Conoco — one of the designated sites for official Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee souvenirs. Except that this Conoco, a family-run operation since 2002 that always advertises "Camel $, souvenirs, milk" above its gas prices and right now has a host-committee sticker by the door, hasn't bothered stocking any of the DNC paraphernalia. Instead, it has the same shot glasses, magnets, dusty Broncos memorabilia, pipes and martial arts items, including swords (don't tell the badged guy across the street). There's just no room for more, says the fellow behind the counter. But really, what other reminder of Colorado do you need?

Across the way, Richmond has just secured a cab for the DNCC staffer. And he's about to get another customer — the journalist whose cab was waiting outside the Republican war room. He has his eye on the "A Mile High, an Inch Deep" poster I just donated to Richmond's collection.

The world is in our back yard.

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