And on that point, and perhaps only that point, Douglas Bruce would agree. "The irony is that this is the first time that the government has had done to it what the government has done to the taxpayers: filing bogus arguments," he says.

But Graham stands by the facts in his comments, even if he presented them as satire. "I've been following the school district for a long time," he says. "And I turned it in at the last minute because I'm familiar with their tricks." Even so, he was surprised that Jeffco included his comments — but if the district hadn't, he would have complained to the Colorado Secretary of State, and from there could have gone to court. Where Graham would have been unlikely to attain the same level of satisfaction — and attention — he's currently enjoying.

"Our courts are so utterly corrupt that they have ruled in favor of TABOR only once in sixteen years," Bruce says — and that wasn't either of the Court of Appeals rulings cited by the Jeffco school district's attorneys. "The judges in this state do everything they possibly can to make the TABOR Amendment look bad."

When really, TABOR can look bad enough all on its own.

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