They finish to rousing applause. As audience members surge forward to inspect Basil, Louise takes stock of the event. No, she's not too disappointed: "Because we were working on a deadline, it forced us to get a lot done." Now, thanks to the inspiration of Cafe Sci, they know Basil's brain works perfectly. He's been delivering tea all around the lab, not to mention a few beers. The mistake tonight wasn't the robot's, it was the stupid humans'. Plus, it's great to see her scientific peers fawning over Basil.

"We work in isolation," she says, "So it's nice to hear it's cool."

Still, the two are already pondering their next assignments. They have to teach Basil to recognize specific rooms, so he doesn't keep asking where he is all the time. And he has to get real peepers, in the form of video cameras. Finally, there's his graduation assignment: Roll down the street to Breckenridge Brewery and bring back a growler.

Basil’s debut at the Wynkoop.
Basil’s debut at the Wynkoop.
Ken Byles and Bill Llewellin watch the Gundersons in their lab.
Ken Byles and Bill Llewellin watch the Gundersons in their lab.

Of course, before all that, says Louise, "we have to re-think batteries."

But that's all for another day. Right now, the Gundersons and the Friends of Basil head for the bar. It's time for a beer.

This time, they'll get it themselves.

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