Channel 7 reported that the U.S. Postal Service's new stamp featuring the Colorado flag, a snowy mountain and pine trees depicted a mountain in Wyoming rather than one in Colorado. A Postal Service spokesman told the station that the stamp "was not based on any specific picture of a mountain" but was a generic representation of a mountain.

In May, Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer unveiled a TV commercial showing the mountain where he had proposed to his wife. But Schaffer, who lost the election to Mark Udall, had to yank the spot after viewers realized the mountain pictured was Alaska's Mount McKinley rather than our own Pikes Peak.

State representative Michael Garcia resigned in February after a female lobbyist accused him of exposing himself and making lewd comments while they were playing pool at the Lancer Lounge. "He just walked around the pool table and unzipped his pants and pulled everything out," the unnamed woman told the Denver Post, adding that Garcia had then asked her, "Wouldn't this be real nice inside of you?" Garcia defended himself, saying, "Initial press reports are highly inaccurate.... The other party and I engaged in consensual conduct that was inappropriate, given my position in the legislature and the fact that the other party is a lobbyist." The Aurora Democrat was serving his fourth term.

Greeley mayor Ed Clark, a former police officer who is also head of security at the University Schools charter school in that town, had some issues with the kids this year. In July, a fifteen-year-old neighbor claimed that the mayor grabbed him off his motorbike and threw him to the ground while the boy and some friends were riding through the neighborhood. The boy's family sought a restraining order, which was later denied by a judge. Then in November, Clark came under fire after showing a fake $3 bill to students in the school cafeteria. The bill had an image of Barack Obama wearing a Middle Eastern headdress. Clark was quoted as saying that the bill was "political satire."


In February, a massive sinkhole opened up in the northbound lanes of I-25 near 58th Avenue, forcing Denver's main freeway to shut down. A broken water conduit that spilled two million gallons of water onto the highway was blamed for the road's collapse; it took the Colorado Department of Transportation nine days and about $1.5 million to fix the 40' x 40' hole.

Democratic Fort Collins representative Randy Fischer said he was considering a bill that would require new teen drivers to stick a decal on their cars warning fellow motorists of their lack of highway-driving experience. Fischer said the idea came from a high-school senior who said he was honked at, screamed at and generally cussed out by other drivers while he was learning the roads.

Law enforcement authorities in Montezuma County arrested 62-year-old Samuel Luna after a police chase that lasted 25 minutes, the Durango Herald reported. It may have taken that long because Luna was driving his 1993 Pontiac Bonneville at 3 to 5 mph during most of the chase, although at one point he got up to around 25 mph. Police eventually had to set spike strips to stop Luna and also shot him with a Taser.

Two tractor-trailers loaded with beers made by Coors were involved in separate accidents in May and November on the same Wheat Ridge highway ramp leading from Colorado 58 onto the eastbound lanes of I-70. The first incident occurred when a truck overturned on a ramp to the interstate, spilling fuel and many cases of Keystone Light onto the roadway. In the second crash, driver Bobby Dodge was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after he rolled his rig in the same spot. No beer was spilled that time. Both trucks were coming from the nearby Coors plant in Golden.

Ezra James Wallace, 29, was charged with assault aboard an aircraft after an August 1 flight from San Diego to Denver. The U.S. attorney's office said Wallace used athletic tape to tie the hands of a sixteen-year-old girl sitting next to him and tried to do the same to her sister; he also tried to take pictures of the girls before the flight took off. A flight attendant eventually intervened and moved the girls to a different row. Wallace, who supposedly drank a half-pint of vodka before the Southwest flight, said he was drunk at the time but that it was all in good fun.

A United Airlines flight from Denver to Des Moines was delayed for six hours in July after a passenger found a tick in economy class. The airline searched the plane and found three of the little buggers. A United spokeswoman said she didn't know how the ticks got on the plane, which had begun the day in Chicago.

A gun belonging to the pilot of a US Airways flight from Denver to Charlotte, North Carolina, was accidentally discharged in March. Airline officials said the plane was never in danger. Eligible pilots and airplane crew members are allowed to carry firearms as part of a program that was approved after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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