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The Well of the Saints. Mary and Martin Doul, a pair of elderly blind beggars, believe themselves to be attractive and happy together. But when a traveling saint restores their sight with holy water, the miracle turns disastrous: Mary and Martin discover the physical ugliness both of each other and of the muddy landscape. The villagers mock and isolate them. And when they eventually ask to have their blindness returned, their neighbors are enraged and the saint is revealed as a self-righteous prig. Although Martin and Mary have a kind of understanding of each other and a profound bond with the physical world, they are far from warm or admirable characters. So if there's anything resembling redemption in The Well of the Saints, it's in the music of the words and John Millington Synge's obvious love of nature. Ed Baierlein and Sallie Diamond — themselves husband and wife — play the Douls as both pitiable and ridiculous, giving rich, grounded performances that anchor the production. Presented by Germinal Stage Denver through March 8, 2450 West 44th Avenue, 303-455-7108, Reviewed February 19.

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