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John Hall


"The Giveaway," Alan Prendergast, May 14

Hall Pass

I'm not sure what horrifies me more: Annie Green's depraved indifference, the Laradon Hall board of directors' reaction, or Sarah Isfahani's vitriolic rant in the June 4 letters section. (I used to live in Denver; what happened to the decent people out there?)

Donors like the Elks Club and clients alike should demand that the Laradon staff involved be fired and the entire board of directors thrown out. Not only did their depraved indifference facilitate the suicide of a good man, but it ruined the reputation of the charity.

Colleen Vaughn

Portland, Oregon

Editor's note: Last Friday, a Jefferson County judge threw out objections to John Beech's will, ruling that his estate must go to Laradon Hall. For details, read Alan Prendergast's blog posted June 19 on the Latest Word.

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