From the week of July 2, 2009

Spike Bloodworth


I totally agree with "Shifting Gears" about more stringent rules regarding cyclists and motorists "sharing" the road. It has been a long time coming. Also, I feel there's a problem with "cyclist's rage."

One of the most horrendous experiences I ever had with a cyclist was when one of them went ballistic thinking that I wasn't going to stop for him at a red light. I did stop. He immediately "flew" off his bike in a fit of rage and started screaming, swearing and pounding the roof of my car with his fist. And even threatened to throw a rock through my windshield. Needless to say, I got out of there pronto. How frightening and infuriating.

Now, what about those pesky rollerbladers? (Just kidding.)

Rosemary McManis


Hilarious! And unfortunately — I can say this because I'm a biker myself ("Distroyer" comes closest to describing my purpose, if not my riding style) — the stereotypes are closer to the truth than many of us would like to admit. Maybe that's why so many bikers are p***ed at it.

John Rasmussen

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