The artifice and theatricality are part of the effect Winograde achieves, but her photos also typically incorporate the surrounding scenery ordinarily associated with traditional landscape photos. It's the West — and in one case, the East — postmodern style. The results are amazing and compelling, leaving viewers to wonder how she did them.

These three shows are tremendously good, individually and in concert. And the local quality at Robischon makes them even better.

When I checked out these shows a few weeks ago, I accidentally learned something I wasn't supposed to know. After walking through the gallery, I stopped into the office and saw the unmistakable image of a Dale Chisman painting on a computer screen. I knew that a number of dealers had been vying for the honor of winding up with the late artists's pieces. "So," I said to Jim Robischon, "you scored the Chisman estate, eh?"

"Untitled (CE – 1035)," by Kevin O'Connell, pigment print on aluminum.
"Untitled (CE – 1035)," by Kevin O'Connell, pigment print on aluminum.
"Eastern Phenomena 10," by David Sharpe, pinhole pigment print.
"Eastern Phenomena 10," by David Sharpe, pinhole pigment print.


Through August 1, Robischon Gallery, 1740 Wazee Street, 303-298-7788,

Robischon got a pained look on his face and did a song and dance about being in negotiation with Chisman's daughter, Rebecca Chisman Jorgensen, and claimed that nothing had been finalized yet. "Come on, give me a break," I said.

But two weeks ago, the gallery publicly announced the arrangement, with a show planned for this coming January. I also learned that Z Art Department is going to present a Chisman exhibit at the same time with work from the secondary market.

If this weren't enough, a retrospective of Chisman's career is being put together for January at Metro State's Center for Visual Art. I spoke with CVA director Jennifer Garner about it, and she asked me to announce it and to ask my readers to contact her if they have work by Chisman or know where pieces are. Call Garner at 303-294-5207.

All of this is good news for the city's art lovers and for anyone who'd like to see the great Dale Chisman remembered the way he should be.

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