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"Fear Itself," Off Limits, September 24

The Sprawlful Truth

Gitcher shit straight, okay?

 I know the Off Limits piece warning the host of some dumbassed TV reality show was supposed to be humorous, but can't you lefties ever say a thing about your Mother, the Earth, without it's gotta be utter elkshit?

I grew up here. Forty years ago, I'd have given my not-yet-dropped left testicle to run across a prairie rat — er, dog — whilst roaming rural Arvada with slingshot, pellet rifle or bow and arrow. No such luck. The brass ring of those halcyon days was a non-native red squirrel, but mostly I had to satisfy my bloodthirsty urges with another non-native, the tiny English sparrow. At least that improved my aim!

We are not seeing more critters in urban areas because of sprawl, but because there are more of them! Lots more. There are a lot of reasons for that, including expanding, not shrinking, habitat as better farming methods (until the idiotic "organic" craze) allowed farmers and ranchers to grow more on less land; fewer kids these days killing everything in sight and fewer hunters doing it the right way. Another big reason is that until the 1980s, nobody'd dreamed of giving deer, bears, cougars and elk virtual highways to commute on — we call them "greenbelts." 

 Fact-check, please. Not all left-enviro "facts" are. In fact, few are. 

J.M. Schell


"In the Dog House," Jared Jacang Maher, September 24

Man Bites Dog

Thank you so much for the very informative article in Westword. I have trained dogs for over thirty years, and they are a huge part of my life. I currently have two pit bulls that I rescued while working for the city of Englewood. I live in Lakewood in the lower Green Mountain area; I would be totally crushed if Lakewood ever went to a ban.

I also think the real problem is the breeders who keep having more pups just to make a buck, as well as certain breeds seeming to attract irresponsible owners. This is so true. I also feel a lot of the problem has to do with people making laws about dogs who truly do not understand dogs.

Robert Kunselman


This is another example of horrible reporting, in my opinion. All these anecdotal incidents may be interesting, but hopefully public officials are using statistics and public opinion polls to determine policy. And if city officials are too silly to have a professional polling service conduct an unbiased poll, then the newspaper should have done that as part of the story.

Let's not forget, the only reason Michael Vick was prosecuted was because he was stupid enough to bury the dogs he was fighting and killing on his own property. If not for that, he would still be killing dogs and torturing them to fight every single day. But I doubt we will ever see anyone involved in this blood "sport" make that same mistake again.

I'm sorry, but if I was a high school English teacher and had to grade this story, I could only give it a D or an F.

If you want a different perspective on this, join one of the poisonous snake groups and see how many people think it is unfair to ban ownership of entire species of snakes and that we should only prosecute owners after their poisonous snake has attacked someone. But they never seem to mention how we would prove who the owner was after a snake escapes. And this may surprise you, but not everyone can tell poisonous snakes from harmless ones. Does that then mean we should not ban any poisonous snakes?

Where did Jared get a journalism degree from?

Bill Zardus

Camden County, New Jersey

Where, oh, where is the bowdown emoticon?? You deserve about five.

I lived in Denver for six years, and while I loved the city, I moved away in early 2006. My dog was confiscated in 2000 by the Gestapo. She was/is a therapy dog, and has never had an incident or even gotten out of the yard. She is a model canine citizen, and I strive to be a model dog owner. I relocated her, and she has lived with my mother for the past nine years. I hope your story will help people look at the whole picture and not just the hysteria created by the city council and Kory Nelson. I also hope that one day this insane ban will be repealed and my husband and I can move back to the Queen City of the Plains that we loved so much. Until then, we will continue to stay in hotels, eat in restaurants and shop in stores outside the Denver (and Aurora) city limits when we visit the metro area.

Robin McClure

Monte Vista

Interesting that the same day your story on pit bulls came out, I got a call from my daughter telling me that their pit bull, the one the kids play with that's so loving, snapped while she was playing with it and almost took her face off. The problem is not that pit bulls cannot be loving and sweet dogs. The problem is that they have been hard-wired for something else. You can't change the wiring, you just can't. Try to stop a border collie from herding; it is impossible.

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