From the week of October 1, 2009

They are flat-out dangerous — and everyone I have ever known who owned one, somewhere deep inside, kind of found that appealing to their ego. I have also met very few owners who could control their dogs.

There is no need to have dogs that have been bred for ages to fight living in an urban environment where they are going to constantly have to interact with other dogs. There are hundreds of dogs you can pick from; it simply isn't necessary to own a pit bull.

James Martin


What people really need to understand is the rarity of fatalities; it makes no sense to kill thousands upon thousands of dogs because of the actions of a few. This type of profiling we would certainly not condone against a person. The vast majority of these dogs are not and have never been used in fights. Yet the actions of a few people condemn all.

Are you familiar with Daniel Gardener's book The Science of Fear? An excellent read, and you can see how the "pitbull" hysteria fits into his premise. It is sad to see the pictures of these dogs and know that they probably never made it out. The most poignant is the dog with Doug Kelley; how can he say the dog is vicious and should die.......? To me it looks like a dog well worth keeping...

T. E.Houston

Sacramento, California

Editor's note: For more photos of dogs living on Denver's death row, as well as many more comments about Jared Jacang Maher's pit bull story, go to

"Drink Up!," Patricia Calhoun, September 17

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

Pure hypocrisy. I'd rather go through life as a loser/failure than as a hypocrite. Steve Horner may come off as a killjoy or nerd, but he has a point, and has the courage to face all the hysterical ridicule.

Host any "Men's Privilege Only" event, and the screams are inevitable, as are the lawsuits.  Equality means equal time, bitches. Women who so strive for "equality" should be truly offended whenever an event, circumstance or ritual occurs that bows down to them.  Like alimony, opening doors, not hitting you back. You've heard all the arguments before, but disregard them when it's convenient. Independence is a rough road paved with hard times. Men have dealt with it since time began; what, women can't?

Sure, I want happy hour and ladies' nights and drunk bimbos I can get a piece of ass from here and there. But more important to me than any of that is integrity: Don't make me pay your alimony and read about your discrimination lawsuits every damn day of the week while you turn a blind eye toward all of the perks you get simply for being female. Integrity and being taken seriously is an all-or-nothing endeavor. Horner may be an ass for all of the lawsuits he's petitioned, but he's doing more to preserve the arguments for equality than any woman I've ever known. Some of those arguments require losing some perks, but women don't seem to get that.

S. William Stevens


I can't imagine you would want this domain name,, which is registered with, but just in case... I am very not fond of Mr. Horner, and have enjoyed and appreciated your efforts to shove him back down whatever hole he came from. Thanks.

Jeff Matthews


"Going Viral," Alan Prendergast, September 17

This Rose Doesn't Smell Too Sweet

Hospitals, like doctors, carry malpractice insurance. Every patient exposed to Kristen Parker deserves compensation. All those who contracted hepatitis after exposure to her, regardless of how they might have contracted it, deserve full medical treatment for hepatitis, which for some will be for life — not to mention compensation for lost wages, etc.Kristen Parker was a walking, talking 9/11. Such oversights close hospitals.

Gene W. Edwards

Colorado Springs

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