He also insists that the more blogs there are about Antarctica, the better. "Many people I talk to aren't familiar with Antarctica; they don't even realize it's a continent," he says. "So the more opportunity the general public has to understand its value, I'm all for it."

On September 21, Erin cheered the first official sunrise, even if it was just a tiny peek above the horizon, and blogged about how the Polies were getting ready to see other people again.

"It has however been rather windy for the last few days meaning we have not actually SEEN the sun yet," she wrote. "But as soon as the wind dies down and the horizon cleans we should be able to see the beautiful wonderful glorious sun! Even though it is plenty light outside now the sunrise won't be real for me until I actually get to glimpse that sun for the first time.

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.
A group shot at McMurdo Station last May.
A group shot at McMurdo Station last May.

"To celebrate the sunrise we had another dinner like with sunset and midwinter. Lots of wonderful food and drinks! And after appetizers and dinner we had a dessert and open mic night. I performed a few songs with various members of the community, and I think everyone had a good time. You can tell that most everyone is pretty exhausted, as almost everyone went to bed by 11 p.m. — that's pretty early for us polies!

"The first flight is scheduled for October 15! Just 24 days away. So that date is also our deadline to have the station opened. So people are busy with not only our normal daily tasking but also lots of additional jobs that need to get done like digging out "summer camp" and re-warming buildings that went cold for the winter.

"Everyone has been given their 're-deployment' dates which has made everyone start to think about their post ice travel plans. These dates are of course rather fluid because when we get out of here is all very dependent on the weather and how much it will cooperate.

"I am anxious to get home to friends and family but I've been told that it is good to take some time before returning home (mostly to re-adjust to the real world and normal life).

"Especially after spending a year on the ice."

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