From the week of October 29, 2009

"Hook, Line & Sinker," Kenny Be, October 22

Heene Hick Festival

What a bunch of hicks we look like in Colorado! When I watched the incredible fiasco of the flying saucer allegedly carrying little Falcon Heene, I had one thought (okay, two thoughts: My first thought was that it had to be a hoax). And that thought was this: I can't wait to see what Kenny Be does with this story!

Last week's Worst-Case Scenario more than lived up to my expectations. Thank you, Kenny, for proving to the world that there are signs of intelligent life in Colorado.

Mary Masters


"The Quality of Mercy," Alan Prendergast, October 22

Release and Relief

The real issue here is the goal or the mission of our prison system: punishment or correction, reformation and restoration. For years now, we have said, "Break the law and we will punish you." As a result, about 10 percent of our state budget now goes to support our prison system. Some people think this is good — you do the crime, you do the time. For myself, I think it is time for our prison system to move from a punishment system to a restorative system.

Delbert Hooker


Here is a thought: Don't break the law. The Westword stance seems to be, Okay, they broke the law, but let's let them go. I suppose if this affected your family, you would feel different. But perhaps not.

Stan from Denver

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My son, Raymond Cain, was convicted of felony murder in 1995 at seventeen years of age. He is now 31 and is still in CSP in Canon City. There was no evidence against him (honestly, nothing in court – nothing) and at a hearing in 2006 the sheriff's investigator testified that they had no evidence against him. Yet we cannot get anyone to listen to help us. Mary Ellen Johnson of the Pendulum Foundation knows all about him; perhaps you can add Ray and his/our plight to your articles. Maybe someone will help us out.

Judith Cain


Once again, Westword has written a misleading article concerning the guilt of Krystal Voss and the death of her child, Kyran. Patrick Ramirez is my cousin who refused to speak to Westword years ago when the original story ran. Voss, on the other hand, brazenly told lies that you believed and continue to believe. It is amazing the details you choose to leave out from your smear campaign against my cousin, who, unlike Voss, remains a devoted and giving parent to his two children as well as to his many nieces and nephews. Conspicuously absent from Alan Prendergast's articles was the fact that the child had numerous injuries that were sustained months prior to Pat even meeting this woman. There was also a multitude of other evidence that showed her disregard for his general health and well-being.

It is my belief she was not punished severely enough. Oh, gee, she has tutored other women for their GEDs, so she should be released. Where is her remorse? The real tragedy is that Kyran was born to such a selfish, narcissistic "mother."

Tanya McAvoy


Thank you for this excellent and compelling piece on releasing these prisoners, such as Krystal Voss and others featured in Alan Prendergast's article, whom taxpayers have had their dollars wasted on. Hopefully Governor Ritter will see the light!

Carol Murphy


I applaud Alan Prendergast's article and your efforts to bring light to a very dark situation. I am angered and incensed that Governor Ritter doesn't have the balls or the integrity to allow what I refer to as the "Frontline 5" to be granted clemency or a pardon and to be released. These five were juveniles when they were sentenced to LWOP, and it is a crime that they are still in jail. Where is his decency as a human being?

Ritter himself killed an individual while in Africa, in an auto accident. If the law had been executed the way it is here, he would be serving LWOP. Be a human being, not a filthy politician who kisses the asses of the money folk only. I am fed up with him and his office!

Christine Henze


I don't know what the good citizens of Colorado are so upset about. The release of these prisoners won't impact you because they won't stay in Colorado. The first thing they're going to do is find the state with the most generous welfare benefits and most lenient attitude to crime and head there. That's California. This is no different than what Texas does. Since there is no welfare and Texas is much tougher on crime, the cons leave the state for easier pickings.

Wouldn't you?

Peter Wolf

Lake Forest, Illinois

"Mourning," Jason Sheehan, October 22

Loss and Found

I just read the review of Mark & Isabella. I have never been a fan of Jason Sheehan, but my heart truly goes out to him for the loss of his father. However, I don't believe I've ever seen something so unprofessional as to tie the loss of a family member to a restaurant review. How absurd to think you could give an objective review in that state of mind and among grieving family members? It is not fair to the restaurant and not fair to his family to review in those circumstances.

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