From the week of October 29, 2009

This man's reviews seem to either kiss the person's ass he's reviewing (especially when it seems he has a personal relationship with the restaurant or chef) or he completely attempts to destroy the reputation of the party he reviews. To do this when he is grieving over the loss of his father shows an incredible lack of judgment.

Name withheld on request

Good review of Mark & Isabella. And to those who would say, "Well, that's not fair because the reviewer was grieving" — go fuck yourself. When food is so bad that it can distract you from your grief, that says a lot.

To Jason: That new tie and the Jameson are now profoundly important occasion requirements. The jacket I wore to bury my father is the same one I wear to only the most important occasions. And because Jameson is the only thing I drank at his wake, I've toasted wedded couples, graduating seniors, job promotions and the births of babies with it. The traditions you start are important. Sometimes it's all that's left of you to remember after you're gone.



Editor's note: For many more comments on the Mark & Isabella review — including one from restaurant owner Mark Tarbell — go to

"Tales of the Dragon," Joel Warner, October 15

Follow the Money

Gary from Denver, who last week accused Westword of a "media sellout" with the October 15 cover, obviously was so blinded by Mark Huebner that he didn't get to Joel Warner's excellent follow-up story on Dan Tang, "Tales of the Dragon." This is the kind of investigative piece that could only come from Westword.

Remember, you can't always judge a book by its cover.

Hillary McMillen


My family and I have eaten at those restaurants several times over the years and had no idea they were secret money-laundering operations. Shame on the U.S. Attorney's Office. You should be putting away drug kingpins, not making excuses for your screw-ups and allowing these criminals to keep running around like nothing ever happened.

Sam Young


"Get Real," Joe Tone, October 15

Dance Fever

Wow, I can't believe you left Kayla Radomski off your top ten reality TV list. She danced her way to perfection during the entire fifth season on So You Think You Can Dance, and made it to the final four. The judges never once had criticism or negative comments for her performances, but instead heaped praise on her repeatedly, saying such things as "watching you dance is proof there is a god...". The rare talent she displayed was tremendous and she did it with the utmost humility, class and professionalism. She really deserves the recognition.

Rich Salm


Mark Huebner can deliver a pizza to me any day!

Betsy Taylor


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