Grant Hart

Sunday, November 8, hi-dive, 720-570-4500.

In the rock world, singing drummers are almost as rare as talking dogs. But Grant Hart, the man who assaulted the kit for Hüsker Dü throughout the '80s, was more than a novelty back in the day. Besides writing and lending his voice to almost as many Hüsker classics as his guitar-slinging counterpart, Bob Mould, Hart carved a distinct and melodic niche for himself — one that he's never fully developed since the breakup of Hüsker Dü in 1988. Now firmly ensconced behind the six-string, Hart has just issued Hot Wax, the latest of an intermittent string of solo albums. As with previous solo work — not to mention the post-Hüsker group Nova Mob — Hot Wax is more of a sprawling and organic take on Hart's dark melodicism and poetic bent, magnified this time around by simpatico accompaniment from members of the epic-sounding post-rock ensembles Godspeed You! Black Emperor and A Silver Mt. Zion. The setup might be a bit streamlined at Hart's intimate hi-dive show, but there's sure to be plenty of epic songcraft on display.

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