The band will unveil the new CD this weekend at a show at the Gothic Theatre. While the members say they'll look to start touring and working on a full-length album next spring, they add that this winter they'll be focusing their efforts on promoting Plastic Dashboard Jesus. "To finally have a disc in your hand," says Paige O., "something to show for it — that's like a milestone."

Indeed, for the more experienced members of the group, the show will serve as an important moment for their newest ensemble, a step in a fresh musical and professional direction.

"It's a second chance for me," Dellinger admits. "With Blister 66, I was the frontman, and we achieved a great deal of success. At the end of the day, I thought that, being the singer for that band, maybe my time being relevant in music might have been done with. But then to flip the script so drastically and become the guitar player — it's given me a new lease on life with my music career."

Back in Black: James Rock, Chris Dellinger, Paige O., Lola, Alfred O. and Matthew Hale are Lola Black.
jason paul roberts
Back in Black: James Rock, Chris Dellinger, Paige O., Lola, Alfred O. and Matthew Hale are Lola Black.

Location Info


Gothic Theatre

3263 S. Broadway
Englewood, CO 80110

Category: Music Venues

Region: Southwest Denver Suburbs


Lola Black CD release, with King Rat, Audioflux, Vegas Crimes, Royal Space Merics, 7 p.m. Friday, November 13, Gothic Theatre, 3263 South Broadway, Englewood, $7, 877-598-6659.

Bassist Matthew Hale said the EP release and the accompanying show will have another type of significance. Like several of his bandmates, Hale juggles his musical career with his duties as a parent and other full-time jobs. It's a different feeling than playing as a nineteen-year-old in his parents' basement, he notes.

"I am enjoying playing more. Ever since I became a parent, things have changed. It makes for a lot more fun," Hale observes. "Being younger, being for yourself, you have a lot of different priorities. Being a parent, personally, the things that used to scare me, that I used to worry about, don't matter anymore."

It's a theme that recurs in feedback from the group's other members. With their collective experience in the Denver music scene, as well as their daytime jobs and real-life duties as parents, Lola Black is a watershed moment.

"Everybody knows what to do. In Eight Bucks, we spent a lot of time banging our heads against the wall trying to figure out: How do we make it? How do we become a successful band?" Alfred O. recalls. "This band already knows how to be successful, they know what to do, and everybody's on that same page. We're actually going somewhere."

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