From the week of November 19, 2009

Name withheld on request

We noticed that Cannabis Medical was featured in your new blog, Mile Highs and Lows. The information was mis-representative of our efforts.

We are the owners of two separately licensed and taxed businesses, Digital Impact Communications and Cannabis Medical Technology, that are housed in a building that we own. Ten years ago, we started working with a group that was determined to get legal medical marijuana access for the people of Colorado. We were a part of the process of getting enough signatures collected to place Amendment 20 on the ballot. After Amendment 20 became law, we started to legally grow medical marijuana for ourselves as patients. Requests began to come in from people we knew for Andy to be their caregiver and grow medication on their behalf. We became known for producing the finest quality of all organic medical marijuana.

In April 2006, we received our city and state tax licenses to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in Denver. Our purpose was to build relationships with our patients, understand their medical needs and explain how medical marijuana could help them. This was long before the rapid expansion of the medical marijuana industry that brought "retail medical marijuana" to Denver. We meet with our potential patients, determine how we can help them and ask to become their primary caregiver, which is in keeping with state law. If your blogger had chosen to become our patient, then he would have had access to the dispensary, our products and our support. The unregulated industry has forced us to keep a small supply to sell to those who have the state Medical Marijuana Registry Certificate but choose not to be our patients. However, we have quickly learned that not all who visit have the best intentions, and it is important to be vigilant for security reasons and operate within the law.

We support the regulation of the medical marijuana industry. There are many dispensaries that have recently opened to take advantage of the non-regulated industry and make quick, hefty profits. We are not one of those dispensaries. We care about our patients. Cannabis Medical is a place where patients can find love, compassion, care and relief.

Lori and Andy Cookston

Cannabis Medical, Denver

Editor's note: We've been waiting to exhale, but next week we'll finally reveal the results of our search for a medical marijuana dispensary reviewer. And in the December 3 issue, you'll find the inaugural issue of The Chronicle, complete with a handy guide to medical marijuana dispensaries in the metro area. If you know of one that should be included, e-mail

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