From the week of December 10, 2009

John Reilly

Thermopolis, Wyoming

"Playlist," Kiernan Maletsky, November 19

Take Note

We would like to thank Kiernan Maletsky for taking the time to review our CD, Nation of Three. We are glad he considers that we are "competent" and recognizes our ability to "hit notes." We are sorry he clearly has no interest in the style of music we play, and that he would not go out of his way to hear us.

We're also sorry he didn't go out of his way to listen to our CD before he reviewed it — or that if he did, he was unable to identify the instruments we are playing. We assume something as old-timey as "journalistic accuracy" or even "reading the liner notes" is as unappealing to him as our "old-timey" sound.

The Alltunators


"Building a Case," Jared Jacang Maher, November 12

Watch What

Born on the wrong side of the tracks? Be very, very careful should you stumble into the old boys' club either by design or accident. Abortive developers Erik and Angela Osborn are learning the hard way that the rich never lose. The rich will always — always — have a fall guy on hand, and eleven times out of ten, that sucker will be a striving rube like the Osborns. Why else would wealthy, brilliant businesspeople like Doug Moreland and Michelle Brokaw or wealthy political insiders like Robert Greenlee even bother dirtying their hands with swarthy types like the Osborns? 

The Osborns — painted as a latter-day Bonnie and Clyde by Westword's "reporter" — were clearly only pulling exactly the same sort of financial and business sleight-of-hand that their wealthy partners engage in hourly. But these poor saps lacked the R-250 insulation of sleazy attorneys, crooked accountants and unethical financial advisors to...fix niggling little issues of legality, to say nothing of the judges, prosecutors, politicians and even "journalists" who either curry favor with the rich or are simply in their pockets.  Little people like the Osborns, who find themselves in this viper's nest, always take it up the ass — hard and without protection — if the shit hits the fan.

 Of course, when the rich lose money, someone's always there to bail them out. Or the "authorities" are there to take it from someone poorer, whether that is a pound of gold or of flesh.  Curiously, district attorneys who are frothing at the mouth to go after the Osborns seem to have no interest in going after the multitudes of hucksters on TV and radio stations encouraging Joe and Jane 'Forty to buy into clearly crooked multi-level and Internet marketing and real-estate scams. I guess these white knights of the prosecutor's bar are too busy down at the club themselves, lifting a martini or three with important people.

J.M. Schell


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