After the class, some people head to the dispensary to pick up supplies, while others stick around to discuss what they've learned. Rocky, a pot patient and self-described amateur chef in his twenties, took the class because he's a huge fan of 8 Rivers. "I'm not great, but you learn," says the budding chef. "It's great to get a few tips from a chef and see how they do it, and it's awesome to see how you can make entrees and meals with ganja."

As he cleans up the kitchen, Durrah calls the class a complete success. People seemed to grasp the love you can put into your own medication, he explains. "Pot has been a part of my life, and I'm not scared to say it," he says. "And that is important, because it is a passion. Flat out: I love pot. I love it as much as I love my jerk chicken."

And that's good news for all the gritty-brownie-making pot lovers in town.

8 Rivers executive chef Scott Durrah knows how to handle his pot and pans.
anthony camera
8 Rivers executive chef Scott Durrah knows how to handle his pot and pans.

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