Letters: Racists should make a run for the border

"Gulf Wars," Alan Prendergast,

May 13

Slick Behavior

I am surprised that you did not mention Ken Salazar's history regarding toxic spills. Remember the Summitville gold mine and the toxic flow that killed everything downstream for miles? When Salazar was head of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, he reduced the performance bond that the mining company had to post. The spill was not prevented and the state and federal governments had to pay a huge amount for cleanup.

L. Hagood


President Barack Obama's position to end the cozy relationship between the Minerals Management Service and the oil industry is long overdue. No longer should permits be issued on assurance, but regulations should be enforced and verified. Obama is calling for accountability from all involved, but the agency that issues the permits and revenues needs to be held accountable as well. It has been the system that has enabled these companies to carry out their "business as usual" rhetoric, as permits for new, off-shore sites are rushed through.

However, the behavior currently exhibited by British Petroleum, Transocean and Halliburton is more like a bunch of schoolchildren on the playground pointing fingers to avoid being sent to the principal's office than classy businessmen. It is time to focus on a real solution to stop the spewing oil instead of planning the right public-relations campaign to save the image of off-shore drilling.

Sara Tscheschke


"Denver's Most Dogged," Kenny Be, May 13

Heavy Petting

Petrosexuals? Sheer genius! Thanks, Kenny. Your "Denver's Most Dogged" is already on my refrigerator.

Susan Kramer


Kudos on the recent Best of Denver issue! I was so happy to see that Chatfield won the award for Best Dog Park. However, I'm concerned about changes that Colorado State Parks plans to make this summer at Chatfield, as Kenny Be noted. The board currently plans to reduce the available size of the dog park by more than 50 percent! Bill Kane, chairman of the Colorado State Parks board, has an extensive background in "mountain resort design." Is he trying to make our dog park look more like Aspen?

For more information, please search "Don't fence Chatfield" on Facebook. Don't let them fence in Chatfield!

Ethan Masterson


Letters about Ask a Mexican,

May 13

Border Wars

Joyce Fields hit the nail on the head. No one in Arizona is stopped without probable cause, especially if they are Mexican!

Just in case the racists didn't get it, this is sarcasm.

Bryan Loughry

Posted at westword.com

Ever notice that all the screaming is having little effect on public opinion? Large percentages of Americans support the Arizona law despite reservations about its potential for impinging on some individual rights, and they want similar laws in their own state. That is exactly what the pro-amnesty open-borders crowd is really afraid of, and why they are pulling out all the stops to try and stop the public's desires from being implemented. I'm a lifelong liberal Democrat, and this issue will either cause me to vote Republican for the first time (if the Republican candidate opposes amnesty) or stay at home. I will not vote against my own self-interests, and every Democrat at the state and federal level who supports amnesty – otherwise known as cheap labor – I will not vote for.

Paul Carter

Posted at westword.com

Whatever one thinks of the Arizona law, it is reckless and irresponsible for groups, including the ACLU, to be calling for boycotts. Boycotts usually end up affecting everyone except those who they wish to hurt — in particular, small business owners, who may or may not agree with the laws. Now it's gotten so silly (and sad) that people are boycotting the boycotts!

People really need to start thinking more and stop the knee-jerk reactions!

Barb Adams


I live in metro Denver, and my parents entered the country as illegal immigrants. I wrote this original poem in response to Arizona's SB1070:

Dear Arizona,

Brown is father and brown is mother

And brown is abuelita and many others,

Drinking cafe on a stone patio, smiling into the sun.

Brown is earth and brown is wood

And brown is the sepia of my childhood.

It rolls on my tongue and it shakes my hips

And it fills my eyes like an umber eclipse.

It is not a weapon or shame or suspicious or foreign,

It is not the color of probable cause

No matter what you write in your fist and your laws.

It is just my blood and my soul and my country and you and we

And me.

It is just me.

Linda Thornton


After getting pissed off at the gringos for always putting the Mexicans down, I penned this.

 Here we go again: The Mexican nationals are stealing our jobs, invading our land and are going to attack us. The American people have become blind once again to think that these people need to be deported. Let's remember that illegal immigrants come from all nations, not just Mexico. Shouldn't the real issue be how we are going to deal with the threat that is already living among us — "imported radicals/ homegrown radicals"?

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