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Objectophilia. Lauri Lynnxe Murphy curated this bifurcated Biennial of the Americas show, which has been installed in two separate spaces. The idea behind it is stored energy, or energy that's already been expended. Murphy, who interpreted her topic to be art for, by or about pre-existing objects, was drafted into doing this show because of pressure put on the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs by the art community. Many locals thought Colorado artists had been marginalized in the Biennial, so Murphy's show is dominated by artists from the area, and it proves that first-rate stuff is easy to find here. The strongest part of the show is in the building across from the MCA; Murphy was able to take charge of this smaller space in a way that she was unable to in the larger one. Through July 25 at Capsule, 1490 Delgany Street and 1900 16th Street, Reviewed July 15.

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