Yet for a candidate who values transparency, Ledbetter's website, currently brimming with flags and eagles, could use some caveats and clarifications. While he boasts of his legal expertise, his direct experience with death investigations comes down to a very limited number of cases during a stint as an assistant prosecutor in Texas that lasted less than two years. "I wasn't there a terribly long time," he admits. "When the guy I was working for was defeated by a female DA who just wanted to turn it into a political office, I went into defense work."

The website also contains a number of intriguing assertions about Ledbetter's military career. It states that he is a "life member of the Association of Graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy," which might give the impression that he's an AFA graduate. He's not.

The site says he was in the Air Force "during Vietnam" and was discharged in 1972. A search of military records didn't show any overseas deployment during the Vietnam War, and Ledbetter says he never meant to claim otherwise. "Basically, my Air Force service was going to school," he says. "I don't consider that significant."

The site also states that Ledbetter went on to be "recruited to be part of a clandestine special operations team under the umbrella of the CIA," that he later served in the US Army as an "A-team Executive Officer" with the Green Berets, and that he was "deployed overseas during Desert Storm."

Records obtained from the National Personnel Records Center indicate that Herman Johnson Ledbetter was in the Army Reserves for most of his service and was called up to active duty for four months in 1991, during the brief hubbub of Desert Storm. "They sent us to Europe," Ledbetter explains. "As it turns out, the war was over."

Ledbetter says he had more active-duty time than the records indicate, but that he can't talk about his clandestine missions. "They activated us a lot," he adds. "There's a whole lot I did that winds up not being in the records, for one reason or another."

New coroners are required to take a crash course in medicolegal investigative procedures, and Ledbetter says he's already ahead of the game because of classes he's taken and prior life experience. His website says he "trained himself in combat medicine" because there was a time when his unit had no medic, that he "has been the first on the scene of some major catastrophes," that he "has had people die in his arms. Jay has seen it all."

And by the time the battle between Rambo and Quincy ends, voters will have seen a lot, too.

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