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Shadow & Smoke. The poetic title of this duet doesn't apply directly to the show, and I don't think we're meant to see either painter Don Quade or sculptor James Dixon doing work that conjures up one or the other idea. Quade continues his interest in moody, earth-toned abstractions, but while he still uses a desert palette of dusty tones plus black, these new paintings look less consciously Hispanic than his earlier work. Dixon has gone all out with his latest pieces, especially the monumental "Lea" and the equally grand "Turandot." The two large pieces are made out of twisted metal coat hangers in a technique that the artist refers to as "hand-stitched iron." Because of the way that gallery director Bobbi Walker has installed the show, Dixon's "Turandot" is in the back, thus bringing in the two artists — Ben Strawn and John Harris — displayed there. However, their work is not part of Shadow & Smoke. The Strawns are in a retro ab-ex style showing off his on-target sense for color and composition while the Harris water paintings are clearly accomplished. Through October 23 at Walker Fine Art, 300 West 11th Avenue, #A, 303-355-8955,

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