Makeout Point

Don't Look Up EP

Hungry, simple, unpolished, unposed: Indie rock used to be a beautiful thing. But all is not lost in the age of hipster Hyundai commercials. For instance, there's Makeout Point. Or at least there used to be: The outfit broke up recently, soon after the release of its latest EP, Don't Look Up. Fronted by singer/guitarist Michelle Bach and backed by bassist Laura Morocco and her husband, guitarist Anthony, and drummer Patrick Farrell, the group stuffs five all-too-brief songs with folky yet discordant hooks and an overall tone of humble purity and passion. The disc isn't perfect — Michelle's rich, floating vocals don't always mesh with the jittery, occasionally strangled instrumentation — but there's enough spirit and moments of tuneful brilliance on Don't Look Up to make it a shame the band never had a chance to improve on it. That is, until their next project (we hope) comes along.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this review incorrectly identified the bandmembers and their respective instruments.
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The fact that Mr. Heller didn't even bother to double-check the roles of the band members belies any of his attempts at praise. Spend the 12 seconds on facebook next time and your reviews won't look so hungry, simple unpolished or unposed.

Dr Science
Dr Science

Jason, just some minor corrections. Michelle Bach is/was the singer/guitarist in this band. Anthony Morocco plays lead guitar. The drummer is some other dude. I too am looking forward to what this band does next though.

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