Is Mexico the true home of the Tea Party?

Dear Mexican: I can't help thinking of Mexico as a Tea Party paradise. Mexican taxes are very low. There are few regulations, and environmentalists, socialists and liberals are few and far between. There is no Obamacare, and Mexico is the home of Carlos Slim, the world's richest man, a tribute to Mexican crony capitalism. Apparently, carrying guns and using them is no problem, regardless of the laws, and there is that priceless opportunity of shooting a "bad" guy. Certainly, Mexico would benefit from an infusion of our Tea Party "patriots"! Perhaps Mexico could send a delegation of some of the babes from Estrella TV to a Tea Party convention to convince the Tea Party that Mexico is its true home?

Pan Blanco de Rio Rancho

Dear Mexican: Why is it that right-wing Republicans are trying their damned hardest to turn America into Mexico when they press for laws that make the rich richer, remove regulations and turn out the poor onto the streets to fend for themselves and die? They are jealous of the wealthy Mexican oligarchs who run that country with no concern for the poor. They would love it if they could torture anyone who disagreed with them, asked to spend their taxes on lazy unemployed folks or any other "socialism," all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Koch Blocker

Dear Gabachos: Dual Tea Party-esque interpretations of Mexico — LOVE IT. Both legit, by the way. Pan: Damn straight Mexico is a libertarian paradise, and that portions of the country are government-free, ruled by those who have bullets and money. Koch: Damn straight the GOP establishment wants to turn the United States into Mexico at its worst, a Darwinian wasteland where money rules above all and the government governs solely for the rich. The missing analysis for both of you, however, are the Mexicans themselves: We belong to the Tequila Party.

Dear Mexican: I'm Mexican and very proud of it! I came to the United States twenty years ago, and the first thing I did besides getting a job and working very hard was enrolling in GED classes. One of the things that makes me mad is that some people in the same situation as mine don't want to learn English and get better opportunities. Are they huevones or what? I got my education in Mexico, and I also went to college here. I am sick and tired of the stereotypes people give to Mexicans, that we are all cholos and cochinos. I love my culture but la neta,some people de a tiro la quieren progresar. ¡Qué se pongan en acción! Learn English! It's better to be bilingual que nada. ¡Apantallen a los gringos que nada más saben un idioma!

Baja's Chick

Dear Chica: I agree 100 por ciento, but don't be so harsh on your paisanos. Immigrants throughout this nation's history have learned English, but not all of them have, always to their detriment — and they know this. A 2007 Pew Hispanic Center report found that 71 percent of Mexican immigrants surveyed reported they spoke little to no English, the largest proportion of all Latino groups in this country. Sounds like a bola of dummies, but they ain't: A 2006 Pew study found 96 percent of Latino immigrants felt it was important to teach English to their children, a ratio even higher than it was for gabachos. Even more telling, only 2 percent of those immigrants felt it wasn't important for their niños to learn inglés; meanwhile, a disturbing 27 percent of non-Latinos think Mexi kids don't have to learn the language, the better to keep the raza down.

GOOD MEXICAN OF THE WEEK: You want to join activist circles, angry Mexicans? Look no further than, a group probably most famous for getting that pendejo Lou Dobbs (remember him?) off CNN. More info at — where else? —

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Hey Cindyf, do they also go door to door offering birth-control, or sterilization. That would be a UN fund that I could support.

(Now....if you think that racist, your an idiot, all them White countries are doing just this, or aborting their future, and Americas, so having third worlders move up to 'white' standards of population control is just fair, you silly fool.)


Well, the same story for me. I decided to be all you can be!. But never joined the army.There is about a 70% of NACOS that I know just like that, all they want is money, alcohol, or drugs. English" no paque". if as soon as I make some money I will be back to my "Rancho". What they are lacking is the factor that they meet el otro NACO or NACA, while dancing, at one of those horrendous NACO Antros, and they start a family of unstable little future gang members or something like that.Yes there are many like me that have excellent children and develop a family of al College educated. But to stop the criticism I know for a fact that all starts at home. Mexico is all of that mentioned above and more. Those here are here because of it. And soon if we let it... USA will be the same way we just passed the worse 10 years thanks to ONE who aced thought and dictated just like any Past Mexican President. If we want a better country lets all get more educated and ad a touch of self respect, discipline, and love.


I cant believe how near sided, left wing, intolerent to other opinions this paper can be.


As an American who has lived in southern Mexico for 30 years teaching at a large American School, I found the ignorance displayed by the two Tea Party letters to be particularly enfuriating. First of all, as an employee, a middle-class teacher, I pay at least 35% of my salary as income tax, in addition, we have property taxes and a 16% national VAT on almost all products. Another misconception is that there are no services. Although the Social Security hospitals and municipal hospitals are vastly overwhelmed by the quantity of patients they must serve, hospitalization, doctors' visits, and drugs are free. All children are given vaccinations and, in fact, Social Security nurses go door-to-door vaccinating children. The government even goes door-to-door vaccinating dogs and cats for rabies here in Puebla. Schools are free and, although they are also overwhelmed by the demand, public universities are also free, including the National University, the best university in Latin America. To pay for their education graduating students are required to perform one year of social service. Many medical students are sent to the countryside in free clinics. Gustavo, I am sorry. I usually agree with you whole-heartedly, but I believe you should have answered with facts this time.