Day-Glo Abortions

Wednesday, June 1, Marquis Theater, 1-866-468-7621.

GG Allin gets most of the cred for being the most offensive punk-rocker of all time. But the scum-rock crown could probably now be claimed, at least lyrically, by British Columbia hardcore crossover act Day-Glo Abortions. In trouble with the law for the lyrical content of their songs as well as their stage antics, these guys had the gloriously bad taste to call an album Feed Us a Fetus, a conceptual pun in itself, with Ronald and Nancy Reagan being served a baked fetus on the cover. Who else would call a song "Hide the Hamster"? Or have the stones to title an album Deux Chiens Fourrent? If you go to this show, that's the kind of band you're in for. You've been warned.

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Wha? Simply one of the most influential punk bands of all time.And they're still "doin' it". You have no idea what you're talkingabout T. Murphy. Black Sabbath may have done it first, but noone else has done it as well. Seeya in the pit!


I think the comment from mogger says it pretty well. Mr. Murphy has no idea what he's talking about & this review makes that very obvious. Stick to things you know about.


the worst review i've ever heard.... makes dayglo abortions sound like the opposit of what they really are...a band thats fun as hell.comparing dayglow to g.g allen is the lamest thing ive ever heard..this guy has obviously never seen them live...or knows anything about them..and SCUM ROCK, so up at the show dude and see what the punk pioneers are all about...drinkin beer/smoking weed/skateboarding..and having a fun time making fun of idiots like tom murphy

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