But the constant process of tinkering and editing didn't end with the release of the EP in 2008. Key tunes from the record have remained works in progress that the band hopes to expose to a wider audience on its forthcoming album. "We literally recorded that EP three times before the release and scratched it," Hoke confesses with a note of weariness in his voice. "We're still recording it, for crying out loud," Heckman adds with a laugh.

Part of this continued attention to detail stems from the group's constant contact. The Epilogues follow a living model they picked up from another Denver success story, the Photo Atlas. Living together in a house in the University of Denver neighborhood has given the guys an added proximity, and it's also helped them create a do-it-yourself model when it comes to merchandising and promotion.

"We got home off of our last tour only because we sold enough merch in Bakersfield, California — that we made," says Hammond. "We were going to have to open credit cards and take out debts. To be able to do that — it's just an example of how unique the scene is."

Jason Hoke (from left), Chris Heckman, Nate Hammond and Jeff Swoboda are the Epilogues.
anthony camera
Jason Hoke (from left), Chris Heckman, Nate Hammond and Jeff Swoboda are the Epilogues.

Location Info


Westword Music Showcase Outdoor Stage

1100 Acoma St.
Denver, CO 80210

Category: Music Venues

Region: South Denver


The Epilogues,Westword Music Showcase, with Chromeo, Yo La Tengo, Del the Funky Homosapien, the Sword, Murder by Death, Young the Giant, UME and hundreds of local acts, 12 p.m. Saturday, June 18, 11th and Acoma, $25-$75 ($30-$100 day of show), westword.com.

Having a cottage-industry approach to the music has helped the band keep rooted as it considers signing with different labels and taking the next step in its career. "If we're fortunate enough to be one of those bands that really pops," Swoboda says, "we want to be the guys who rep Denver."

The hometown connection was clear during a Denver show the band played with the Photo Atlas earlier this year, as a capacity crowd at the Gothic Theatre sang along to "Hunting Season" following its rotation on KTCL. "I have video on my phone where you can hear the crowd screaming," Hoke recalls. "It gave me goosebumps."

The model of a native scene has driven the band to consider starting its own collective as a way to support its fellow musicians. The mission of the Inca House Collaborative Collective would be to create an incubator of sorts, a common space for musicians to exchange ideas, similar to other local efforts like Hot Congress.

"We can have a core group of people with each others' careers in mind," Hammond says, "rather than just our own careers." As the members draw up their designs for their future in Denver and beyond, they've kept the basic keys to their success close to their hearts. In their shared house in south Denver, there's a steadily growing number of synths and keyboards, tools that continue to steer their sound and their experiments.

"Between Chris and I," Hammond notes, "we have fifteen keyboards in our band, in our house. I can say I'm going to have a goal of trying to find a new sound. You can literally get lost for an hour and a half looking for one new sound."

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this band fucking sucks. It is what is wrong with music. MTV pop horse cock trying to appease the masses. The key convulsion that these cul-de-sac loving yuppies in training have, is that popularity makes for good music. It's tragic that people will re tune there sound because it's not getting them laid, or paid. is it about the art or the fame? for these special ed spoiled man-boys I can only imagine their wet dream being opening up for 3oh3. Good luck with getting your track played in the back ground of jersey shore.

Air Dubai
Air Dubai

Fuck yeah. Proud of you guys.

The Epilogues
The Epilogues

Wow, we actually got off kind of easy from DenverScener. Not bad.


Couldn't be happier for these guys! They totally deserve the attention and respect they are getting.


This is a great band and I'm lucky enough to call some of these dudes my friends. When they say they're the guys who will always rep Denver... they really mean it.

One thing the Denver music scene has over a lot of other music scenes is a real sense of brotherhood between the bands who grow up here.


I grew up with Nate & Chris and all I can say is they rock it!! I live in NY now and have created EP fans on the island from blasting their music when I am homesick =) Whoop Whoop!! <3


These guys kill it! Anyone who can't appreciate their sound can snuggle with SHITake


Their singer still lisps all over their songs.

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