Westword Music Showcase 2011

The Westword Music Showcase celebrates seventeen years, a lifetime for some of 2011's performers

Radical Knitting Circle

Nominated in Folk/Acoustic

12:45-1:15 Curious Theatre

Fingers of the Sun
Fingers of the Sun

Give us this day our daily bread or I give up. Goodnight and good luck. Bring me home slabs of bacon, because our heads are filled with passwords and our hands can spell them backwards. Why sit wasted, counting lines all the time? Get back up. Again. Walking around with crackers on our shoulders, like we got something to prove better to climb upon stilts and walk away. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; the big circles eat us while the little circles feed us. It's the same dream every night.

Randy Ramirez (The Heyday)

Nominated in Pop — Traditional

4:30-5:00 Rooster & Moon

Hailing from Denver, the Heyday fuses catchy hooks and soaring melodies with a classic-rock backbone that propels them into the summer of 2011 with their sophomore release, Till We See the Sun. Seasoned veterans of colleges and clubs alike, this foursome has been performing around the U.S. since 2006 with an energy and passion befitting their music. Look for the Heyday to make waves this coming fall and into 2012.

The Raven and the Writing Desk

Nominated in Americana

2:15-2:45 Curious Theatre

In the past year, The Raven and the Writing Desk have broken out on the Denver music scene like an urgent heartbeat. The sextet draws from classical influences in the creation of a sound that is dark, haunted, dreamy, carnivalesque and full of theatricality. Don't miss their stunning live performance.

Reno Divorce

Nominated in Punk

6:45-7:15 Bannock Street Garage

No matter where in the world we're playing, we are a Colorado band at heart. When Reno re-formed in Denver ten years ago, we had no idea this city would be so amazing to us. We're able to do what we love because we have the most awesome and supportive fans, right in our back yard. If you haven't seen Reno Divorce, get to a show and see some of the finest rock and roll the Rockies have to offer. Come on, Denver, say it...say it like you mean it...tell Westword like you told me, that we're your one and only!

Rie Rie

Nominated in Hip-Hop — MC (Female)

12:30-1:00 La Rumba

Mile High Sista Supreme Rie Rie (pronounced Ree Ree) is a lyrically versatile veteran MC on the regional scene. Rie Rie is the only female to put it down for Colorado on a consistent basis since the early '90s. Although born in Denver, she was raised in Texas, and that's where her lyrical skills were developed. Influenced by MC Lyte, Redman and gospel music, Rie Rie started her indie label MobRuled Productionz and has over a dozen releases, including Lucky #7, which will be released on June 18. Rie Rie is black, Indian, Spanish and French. Funk and R&B/hip-hop are her main influences. Nothing shall hold her back from becoming an international performer.

Safe Boating Is No Accident

Nominated in Americana

12:45-1:15 Broadways

Safe Boating Is No Accident is the world's foremost and only post-angular, neo-noise-folk-ciderhaus, princess wave band. We are two parts Stephen Malkmus and Phil Ochs, one splash Tiny Tim and a zest of Mark E. Smith. We are available for bridal showers and life-coaching sessions. We want you to make us mixtapes. We want to go to the movies and maybe go bowling with you.


Nominated in Pop — Indie

12:00-12:30 Broadways

Hi, we're Sauna. Some people like us and some people probably don't. We like to make music that makes you wanna dance — not weird club dancing like grinding, but cool dances like the shag and stuff. Our music sounds like it was made in a basement by kids who surf, and it was indeed made in a basement, although none of us surf. We like Lust-Cats of the Gutters. You should, too. They're super-nice. Hopefully you'll wanna come say hi after a show if you come see us sometime.

Caleb Slade

Nominated in Singer-Songwriter

4:30-05:00 Curious Theatre

Caleb Slade's music stays with you long after you've heard his songs. Drawing on the songwriting traditions of Americana and Brit pop-rock, his unforgettable piano-driven melodies give way to determined and thoughtful lyrics.

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

Nominated in Rock — Indie

6:45-7:15 Bar Standard

Now a five-headed snake, these Colorado kids are walking the line between darkly melodic, beat-driven songs and loud, sweaty basement rock and roll. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake's heart pumps big love for Denver, and the band appreciates fully the embrace of the music and arts community. Having spent the first half of the year working on its first full-length album, SRRS is looking forward to its release in the fall and a summer filled with night vision and vibe-outs!

Something Underground

Nominated in Rock — Traditional

1:30-2:00 City Hall, Amphitheatre

If you're reading this, we love you. (If you're not reading this, we love you, too.) We love playing music. We call our music roots rock. Roots rock includes, but is not limited to: reggae, rock, funk, pop, hip-hop, folk. We are a power trio with an emphasis on POWER. We are two brothers, plus one brother from another mother. We harmonize, a lot. We play our hearts out every chance we get. We love the Colorado music community (somethingunderground.com).

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Dovekins really stole the show this year! They were definitely the best act I saw.


When does the MUSIC STOP??? Just a bunch of loud noise...someone should put a ban on this for next year. A true disturbance to the neighborhood!!!!


the westword music fest sucks ass an is a major annoyance to the neighborhood!!!!!


Is there an updated schedule somewhere? Some of the bands appear to have changed stages. Sauna, for one.


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Maybe you shouldn't live downtown if you don't like the commotion--go back to the suburbs

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