Westword Music Showcase 2011

The Westword Music Showcase celebrates seventeen years, a lifetime for some of 2011's performers

Patrick Dethlefs

Nominated in Singer-Songwriter

5:15-5:45 Rooster & Moon

Fingers of the Sun
Fingers of the Sun

Patrick Dethlefs is a "Colorado songbird." His songs have been described to be "open as the sky," which hasn't gone unnoticed. In 2009 he was chosen Swallow Hill's Best Teen Songwriter, as well as winning the Best Performance Award. He has shared the stage with many well-known acts and has had the pleasure of collaborating with Kentucky cellist/songwriter Ben Sollee. A song of Patrick's is now being featured on the Patagonia website, and his recently recorded Daytrotter session is soon to be released. His set is not to be missed at this year's Westword Music Showcase.


Nominated in Hip-Hop — MC (Female)

12:00-12:30 La Rumba

Denver should know that I am going to do me regardless of what anybody feels or says. I may not be the best rapper in the world, but I'm going for my dream and I'm making the best out of my circumstances. Denver should know that I'm a winner, and I will never give up.

DJ Dragon

Nominated in DJ — Dance

6:00-7:00 Vinyl Rooftop

I'm the youngest of six kids. My next closest sibling is eighteen years my elder. So needless to say, I was a surprise. Coming from a traditional Vietnamese family, who managed to escape during the Vietnam War, it's still very hard for my mom to see me rocking a club or massive event. So to appease my family, I'm also a VP of one of the top investment firms in town. Take that, Clark Kent!

DJ Ktone

Nominated in DJ — Hip-Hop

1:30-1:45 La Rumba

Ever meet someone who works so hard, you can't help but work harder when you're in their presence? Doing transcontinental shows and rocking no less than three gigs a week in Colorado, DJ Ktone's resumé is impeccable. Most recognize him as a club/mixtape DJ, but he dabbles in an array of functions, from working with nationally acclaimed comedians to hosting weddings and even birthday parties. His musical ear is immense, giving him the ability to mix hip-hop, Top 40, salsa and R&B. Starring in his own bio-doc, called Turf Tours, due for release in spring 2012, DJ Ktone is a star.

 DJ Vajra

Nominated in DJ — Hip-Hop

3:45-4:00 La Rumba

For over a decade, Vajra (pronounced "VAHJ-rah") has been a dominant force in Colorado's DJ scene. Winner of the 2011 Red Bull Thre3style competitions in Boulder and Dallas, he will be representing Denver in the national finals in Las Vegas later this year. On August 6 in NYC, Vajra will be making his fifth DMC USA finals appearance (which ties the record for most appearances by anyone nationwide), after crushing the rest of the field at the Denver qualifier. Popularity contests aside, when it comes to stepping on stage and proving who is the best DJ in Colorado, Vajra holds the title. Hands down.


Nominated in Folk/Acoustic

3:00-3:30 Curious Theatre

With a force of will and New Belgium's Tour de Fat beneath their feet, the Dovekins played over one hundred shows in 2010, alongside Punch Brothers, State Radio, Yonder Mountain String Band, Vetiver, the Books, and Akron/Family, to name a few. Described as "beautiful and unhinged," the Dovekins are a new-edge, gypsy gem of a band redefining genres and the Denver sound itself, with guitar, mandolin, piano, banjo, trombone, melodica, stomps, spoons, cornet, drums, washboard, raspy voice, accordion, flute, kazoo, standup bass and clarinet.


Nominated in Rock — Progressive

6:00-6:30 Opal

Eolian plays a forty-minute piece of continuous music titled Egg. It is influenced by 1970s progressive-rock bands like Genesis and Jethro Tull, and also by 1990s independent rock bands like Fugazi and Jawbreaker. Egg is about birds and flight, and the nest-like origami design of the record reflects those ideas. The album was recorded by Bob Ferbrache and features members of A Shoreline Dream, Tauntaun, Uphollow and Ian Cooke Band. The album is available for listening at eolian.bandcamp.com.

The Epilogues

Nominated in Pop — Alternative

1:30-2:00 Main Stage

Since their inception in 2004, the Epilogues have steadily clawed their way to the top of Denver's music scene. With back-to-back Westword Music Showcase Awards in 2009 and 2010, and with their single, "Hunting Season" reaching number one on KTCL's most-wanted list for twelve weeks straight, these boys have set the bar on how to establish your band as a household name in the Centennial State. While always striving to create something different and exciting, the Epilogues' combination of dark undertones with infectious dance hooks, as well as their nonstop, energetic, live show, has captured audiences, both locally and nationally.


Nominated in Hip-Hop — Producer

2:15-2:30 La Rumba

I'm all about music, going back to the talent, skill and just good music being the center of focus.


Nominated in Rock — Indie

12:45-1:15 Bar Standard

Multiple choice: FaceMan a) lives off water from window air-conditioning units b) is a 103-year-old man without nose or ear hair named Kevin c) is on the Casa Bonita dive team d) grew up in an ant farm near Tiny Town  e) all of the above. Submit guesses on June 18 at 12:45 p.m. at Bar Standard. Be naked. Most winners get an amazing prize.

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Dovekins really stole the show this year! They were definitely the best act I saw.


When does the MUSIC STOP??? Just a bunch of loud noise...someone should put a ban on this for next year. A true disturbance to the neighborhood!!!!


the westword music fest sucks ass an is a major annoyance to the neighborhood!!!!!


Is there an updated schedule somewhere? Some of the bands appear to have changed stages. Sauna, for one.


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Maybe you shouldn't live downtown if you don't like the commotion--go back to the suburbs

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